About FEI Canada

What is FEI Canada?

We are an all-industry professional association for senior financial executives. With 11 chapters across Canada and 1,700 members, we are an integral part of a larger 86 chapter, 15,000 member North American organization. Together, the members of FEI Canada and FEI United States represent 8000 of North America's leading and most influential corporations.

Membership is generally restricted to senior financial officers of medium to large organizations. FEI Canada provides many valuable services to its members including peer networking opportunities; emerging issues alerts; personal and professional development; and advocacy services. We do this principally through our internet community, our chapters in various major centres across the country, and our national technical committee structure. Membership is limited to individuals holding senior management positions, but we do allow certain other finance professionals to join if they meet stringent criteria. We also have a special rate and status for academics. Our members are comprised of Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, Tax Executives, Finance and Accounting Professors. Other typical titles held by FEI members include Assistant Controller, Subsidiary CFO or Controller, Assistant Treasurer, Director of Tax and CEO.

FEI Canada's Annual Reports

We Help Manage Change

Today's financial executive faces new challenges, more responsibilities, and must work smarter with fewer resources. Changes in managerial, technological and organizational processes, shifting markets, and continual corporate restructuring require new approaches.

We Build Relationships

We believe that relationships with people are critical to your success. Local chapters provide a private forum for senior financial executives to meet quality people, and share with others the crucial issues that confront them daily. Our specialized conferences, chapter programs and Internet community provide new ideas and perspectives, to help you make sound career decisions and engineer solid business decisions.

We Provide Uncommon Value

Our professional support system and the information we provide members, help financial executives and their companies to navigate through a sea of uncertainty. We are an effective voice, building bridges of understanding with legislators and regulators. We offer a spectrum of services, providing access to...

Advocacy and Communication

Timely Publications and Notices

FEI Canada members have early knowledge of and influence on emerging issues. For matters of urgency, alerts are posted on our website and issues are highlighted in our newsletters. FEI Canada publishes two monthly electronic newsletters: FEI Canada Accounting and Finance Review keeps members abreast of technical issues and time-sensitive organizational issues and FEI Canada Xpress keeps members informed of upcoming events and news from FEI Canada. Financial Executive magazine, published bi-monthly, offers in-depth and thoughtful articles on a variety of management topics.  

Seminars and Conferences

FEI offers a number of conferences in both Canada and the United States with excellent speakers and topical programs. Members are entitled to attend any or all of these excellent networking opportunities. In addition, our Breakfast Seminar program provides members with cutting edge information on topical issues in cities across Canada where a chapter is located.

Committee on Corporate Reporting (CCR)

The CCR focuses on issues relating to financial accounting, auditing and corporate reporting. It puts members on the inside track concerning the activities of the Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) and the Emerging Issues Committee of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), and it comments and intervenes on behalf of FEI Canada on current and proposed CICA initiatives. Through the CICA, the Committee also makes its views known to the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Senior CICA staff members frequently participate at CCR meetings. The CCR also maintains a close relationship with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) on issues relating to corporate reporting. As with the CICA, Senior OSC staff members frequently participate at CCR meetings. FEI Canada's CCR also keeps abreast of notices from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that would affect Canadian inter-listed companies.

If you would like to join CCR or would like further information please contact Laura Bobak.

Policy Forum

The Policy Forum was established to develop FEI Canada public positions, provide guidance and expert opinion on emerging issues relevant to FEI Canada members, and act as advisors on issues of current importance to industry groups, government, associations, and other constituents who will benefit from the impartial council of the Committee.

The Policy Forum has a broad agenda and has developed a number of Task Forces to address issues of current importance to CFOs across the country. These include issues related to: corporate governance; the structure of capital markets; internal control certification; pensions; taxation; private company issues; and public sector accountability.

If you would like to join Policy Forum or would like further information please contact Laura Bobak.

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FEI Canada's Annual Reports