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Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada) is very lucky to have many dedicated volunteers who serve as part of the senior leadership of FEI Canada.  Our volunteer leadership includes elected members of FEI Canada’s national Board of Directors (Board), our Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) that represents FEI Canada’s network of 11 chapters across the country, our Policy Forum that coordinates our 7 thought leadership committees and our research institute, the Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF).

Board of Directors (BoD)

The Board is the primary policy-making authority for the overall organization. In addition to its statutory role, the Board is responsible for establishing Chapters and Board committees, such as the CLC and its subcommittees on Membership, Programming and Sponsorship, the Policy Forum, the Annual Conference Committee, the Audit & Finance Committee, the Governance Committee and our research institute, CFERF.

With up to 20 members, the mandate of the Board is to manage the property and business of FEI Canada. The Board member associated with this charge include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Immediate past Chair, the Committee Chairs (currently eight) and Directors at large (currently nine).

Chapter Leadership Council (CLC)

FEI Canada’s success is driven by the effectiveness of the CLC. The CLC has been mandated as the primary forum for the identification and resolution of issues pertaining to the FEI Canada membership experience. Effectively, the CLC executes the business plan that results from the strategic planning conducted at the joint Board and CLC level.

Members of CLC include: Chair of CLC, Chair and Vice- Chair of the Board of FEI Canada, Chairs of the Membership, Sponsorship and Programming Committees, 22 Chapter representatives (two representatives from each of our 11 chapters - normally the Chapter President and the Vice-President), as well as FEI Canada’s President & CEO and its CFO.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee (EC) serves as a consultative body for FEI Canada’s President & CEO and is intended to provide continuity of direction for FEI Canada. The EC also has the authority to act on behalf of the Board, between Board meetings, on matters delegated to it by the Board, or upon matters deemed by the Chair or the President to require action and decision between Board meetings. Such actions of the EC shall be reported to, and be ratified by, the Board at the next Board meeting Members serving on the EC include FEI Canada’s Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair and President & CEO.

FEI Canada Board Contacts:

Jeff Shickele                Tyrone Cotie
Chair of the Audit & Finance Committee Chair of the Governance Committee
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