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National Roundtables

Volunteer positions on FEI Canada’s policy roundtables draw upon members’ experience and expertise to shape and influence policy at both the provincial and federal levels.

National/Chapter Boards and Committees

If you join a chapter, national board, or committee, you will work with a group of member volunteers to promote and serve members.

At the chapter level there are opportunities in programming, sponsorship and membership, along with chapter board director roles. 

At the national level you may serve on a number of committees focused on membership, programming, or sponsorship, and you may apply to join the national board.

Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC)

The Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) is comprised of Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents, and is mandated to oversee the individual’s membership experience.

As a national council, CLC members exchange best practices for the administration, operations, visibility, and performance of chapters. The term of service is typically two years and corresponds with a member’s term as Chapter Vice President and President.

The CLC also oversees the efforts of the national Membership Committees, the Sponsorship Committee, and the Program Committee.

The CLC meets approximately five times per year, with two of these meetings held jointly with the Board of Directors.

Membership Committee

Chapter Membership Chairs represent their respective chapters on the National Membership Committee, which meets approximately five times per year.

Membership Chairs are required to provide recruitment targets for the fiscal year to the CLC and are tasked with driving membership recruitment and retention programs within their chapters.

This committee approves and leads in the execution of membership marketing programs, reviews and provides input to collateral material (new member packages, membership surveys, etc.), and works within their chapter to ensure programming and administrative practices respond effectively to member needs.

Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to contribute at either the chapter or national level, but are not in a position to commit for an extended time period, you may consider a short-term volunteer role. 

Chapter Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hosting a prospective member at an event
  • New member ambassador –  connect with one or two new members to help them meet members in your chapter
  • Write an article for a chapter newsletter
  • Identify and contact potential speakers for chapter events
  • Assist at social events, including golf and networking events

Contact your chapter president to offer your volunteer services.

National Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

  • Review marketing materials for programs and services
  • Participate in the development of member surveys
  • Participate on short-term task forces
Contact Laura Pacheco, Vice President Research, if you would like to volunteer at the national level.
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