Why Sponsor FEI Canada?

FEI Canada offers strategic sponsorship opportunities to organizations. These opportunities come in various forms to maximize return on investment. Sponsoring a FEI Canada initiative provides your organization with access to members of the leading association for senior level finance professional in Canada.

Our sponsors may become preferred product and service providers for FEI members, and are given exclusive promotional and branding opportunities. Organizations that sponsor FEI Canada become known among the top financial professionals in Canada.

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FEI Canada’s Influence

We represent over 1,500 CFOs, Vice Presidents of Finance, Treasurers, Controllers, and other Canadian finance professionals across the country. FEI Canada is a Presenting Sponsor of Canada's CFO of the Year Award™, an annual recognition of the quality, insight, direction and leadership of Canada’s senior financial executives.

FEI Canada maintains a large, up-to-date database of qualified senior finance decision makers in Canada.

In addition to our acclaimed annual national conference, we host dozens of monthly meetings with financial leaders across the country. Our national thought leadership committees contribute to the standard setting, legal, and policy making processes in Canada.

FEI Canada is recognized and sought after internationally for our expertise on issues of accounting and financial management. We facilitate job transition and build bridges between senior financial executives and employers.

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