Benefits of Networking

FEI Canada makes it possible for senior financial executives to interact in a non-competitive collaborative setting. The guidance, perspective, and experience that our members readily share provide tangible value to members.

Networking through FEI Canada benefits Canadian business through the informal sharing of best practices. Our goal is to bring together senior financial executives to further enhance their leadership skills and broad management knowledge through specialized experiences.

We are a network like no other.

Networking at Events

FEI Canada events, whether through programming at your local chapter or during our annual national conference, give members the chance to meet other professionals in the industry and build an unparalleled network.

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Networking at Your Local Chapter

Establish professional relationships and lasting friendships with like-minded financial executives in your area. Your local chapter provides a host of opportunities to discuss business issues and share knowledge with mentors, peers, and newcomers.

For example, many chapters hold dinner meetings, regular programming, and informal outings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of relationships.

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Networking on Social Media

FEI Canada on LinkedIn

Check out our discussion group on the top business networking site. Through this network, we provide our members with an exclusive social networking group.

Our group has a "no-selling" policy that will allow members, if they choose, to share their profiles and/or business connections with fellow FEI Canada members, browse through those of their peers, and participate in members-only discussion groups on topics of interest.

Although marketing or spamming is highly unlikely to occur, if it does, marketing posts will be removed by the group administrator.

Within FEI Canada's main LinkedIn group, we have also established sub-groups for each FEI Canada chapter. If you would like to join your chapter subgroup, look for the "subgroups" tab on FEI Canada's Group page.

**If you don't have a LinkedIn account, you'll need to create one to join FEI Canada's group. Simply look for "Join" and follow the step by step instructions. 

FEI Canada on Twitter

We have a very active Twitter account, which is used to remind followers of upcoming FEI Canada events, share the results of our CFERF studies, and to highlight breaking news in accounting standards.

FEI Canada on Facebook

We have also created a FEI Canada Facebook page that describes and promotes our organization. You can stay up to date on our latest newsletters and research studies, as well as view pictures from our events via our Facebook page.

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