2014 Winner – Karyn Brooks

FEI Canada is pleased to honour Karyn Brooks of the Quebec Chapter as the recipient of the 2014 Frank S. Capon Distinguished Service Award.

Ms. Brooks is a very active FEI Canada member, taking on numerous leadership roles over the years.  She was a member of FEI Canada’s National Board of Directors from 2004-2011, and served as Chair of the Board in 2009-10.

Ms. Brooks demonstrated strong leadership during her tenure as Chair (and Vice and Past Chairs). During this time, she led the strategic planning process, increased advocacy efforts, broadened the offerings of FEI Canada in thought leadership and professional development, and kept the membership active and engaged during a challenging economic period.

She also served on the Chapter Leadership Council, the audit and finance committee, the governance committee, and has contributed to FEI Canada’s annual national conference.

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