Membership Categories, Eligibility and Fees*


Chief Financial Officers and Audit Committee members of publicly traded companies automatically qualify to join. All other applicants are subject to approval by FEI Canada. Typical qualifying titles include Full-time or Fractional Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Planning and Analysis, Vice President of Taxes, Vice President of Pension Fund Investments, Vice President of Risk Management, Director of Finance, Taxes, Treasury, Accounting, and Audit Committee member *. Applicant areas of responsibility and expertise may include: Accounting & Control, Treasury & Finance, Risk Management, Information System, Tax, Internal Audit and Planning & Development.

* Excludes client-facing individuals and professionals currently employed by audit firms, consulting firms and service providers. Existing members who held a qualifying role at time of initial membership admission are eligible for renewal.

Individuals may qualify if they have held a senior financial executive position within the past five (5) years from the date of application.

Financial service vendors, including external auditors, bankers, systems information consultants and recruiters do not qualify for membership with FEI Canada, unless the individual is a senior financial executive with that service organization. These organizations are encouraged to contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Corporate Executive:

Corporate Executive Membership is available to qualifying organizations with five or more members of their finance teams that meet the criteria of our 'executive' category. This category offers a 15% discount from the 'executive' rate when purchasing memberships for five or more qualifying senior finance team members.


The Academic category is available to educators in the field of financial management. Applicants must also have an academic rank of Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, Professor, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor. Applicants need to provide a resume.

Career Services:

The Career Services category is available to new members who are in transition and actively seeking employment. New applicants must complete the application form using their most recent employment information. Members may remain in this category for a maximum of two (2) consecutive years. New Career Services members are not eligible for the free Annual Conference registration offer. Applicants need to provide a resume.

Charitable Organization:

The Charitable Organization category is available to qualified applicants employed by a registered charity with >$10M in annual revenue. New Charitable Organization members are not eligible for the free Annual Conference registration offer.

Mentor Advantage:

If you are chosen to participate in the FEI Canada Mentor Advantage program, please select this category. The program begins in early 2021. Those in this category receive one year's membership at FEI Canada, and access to all Mentor Advantage events as well as select FEI Canada chapter events.

Member at Large:

Individuals who do not currently live in a location that is within reasonable traveling distance to attend regular chapter meetings may become a member in this category provided they meet FEI Canada membership qualifications. Members in this category pay an annual fee plus a "pay-as-you-go" fee for those events registered.

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*Fees shown do not include applicable taxes.

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