What is CFERF?

The Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF) is the research institute of Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada), the all-industry professional membership association for senior financial executives that provides professional development, thought leadership and advocacy services to its members. CFERF’s primary objective is to study emerging financial management issues with the aim of increasing competitive capabilities of Canadian financial leaders and their organizations.

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CFERF Advisory Committee:

CFERF is governed by an advisory committee comprised of FEI Canada members in the business, not-for-profit and academic communities. This knowledgeable group of senior financial experts provides advice and counsel on CFERF research and fundraising activities.

What is CFERF’s mission?

CFERF’s mission is to advance professional standards and practices of financial executives through research and thought leadership. CFERF’s products are topical and distributed in a format that is both timely and convenient.

  • Current issues in financial management
  • The evolving role of financial executives in achieving strategic objectives
  • Specific issues related to the advancement of corporate efficiency in Canada through effective financial management
  • Evolving accounting standards

How does CFERF add value?

Gives CFOs and finance executives practical information that they can apply to their daily work;

  • Provides benchmarking and best practice standards for Canadian organizations;
  • Highlights emerging issues of critical importance to senior financial leaders;
  • Explores the impact of accounting standards, auditing and financial reporting practices on Canadian business;
  • Identifies outdated aspects or weaknesses in legislation and regulation affecting Canadian enterprises;
  • Encourages improved transparency and disclosure in financial reporting, as well as better corporate governance and risk management;
  • Covers topics relevant to both public and private organizations;
  • Provides best practices in achieving self-sustaining and efficient internal control environments.
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