Research Sponsorship

Sponsored Research Studies

The Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF) conducts research studies on topics of importance to its members.

Sponsorships are available for those projects where the sponsor is identified as a subject matter expert.

The research studies are sent to all FEI Canada members, are promoted to Canadian media, and are posted on a dedicated section of our website.

Benefits of Sponsored Research:

  • Brand recognition on the front of each report
  • Opportunity to present study results to FEI Canada members and other audiences
  • Coverage of the study in FEI Canada newsletters

Price: $40,000 per research study. *$30,000 for National Strategic Partners

Funding CFERF

CFERF has a thriving sponsored research program, but we need to raise more funds to provide thought leadership to financial executives.

All financial contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated. Every financial contribution will be dedicated to the mission and objectives of CFERF.

Help CFERF produce relevant research, timely trend analysis, and continuing professional education opportunities to keep Canadian financial executives on the leading edge of their profession.

To make a donation to CFERF please click here.

For more information about these sponsorships, please contact Laura Pacheco at or 416-366-3007 ext. 5111.

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