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Mark Barrenechea - 10 Trends that will change the World

Innovating from Within
John Hugo - Presentation
Allen Lalonde - Presentation
Rania Llewellyn - Presentation

The Power of Ideas - FEI Canada Talks
Dr. Kathryn Brohman - Presentation
Stephen Liptrap - Presentation
Karl Schamotta - Presentation

The Other AI - Accounting Innovation
Linda Mezon - Presentation
Panel - Presentation

Hot Topics in Tax
Panel - Presentation

Sustainability + Accounting = Innovation to Business Decision Making
Lawrence Davis - Presentation
Jessica Fries - Presentation
Pamela Steer - Presentation

We the East! Innovation thrives in Atlantic Canada
Jean-Paul Deveau - Presentation
David Hoffman - Presentation
Dr. Travis McDonough - Presentation

Dr. Richard Florizone - From MIT to Nova Scotia: Building an Innovation Ecosystem

Dr. Ejaz Ghani - Innovation and Growth

Economic Outlook - Trade and Innovation: The 21st Century Partnership
Howard Johnson - Presentation
James Glassman - Presentation
Douglas Porter - Presentation

Digital Currencies
Hilary Carter - Presentation

Breakfast Seminars
American Express - Presentation
Workday - Presentation

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